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***Completely Updated & Expanded 4th Edition Available NOW!***

The New Healthy Eating &
Weight Management Guide
(and workbook)

By Dorene Robinson, RD CDN 

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A comprehensive guide (full color 8.5 by 11-inch 51-page guide and 31-page black and white workbook) which cover the key skills and behaviors needed for success with lifestyle changes and ultimately weight management!

Includes everything you need for success in a concise, interesting and easy to read format. There are two modules which stand on their own: Healthy Eating and Weight Management. However when the two are implemented in combination you’re headed for a home run with your weight and health.

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Part of the beauty of these materials is that there’s simply no “filler” to waste your time. Instead you simply focus on the handful of key behaviors that are proven to actually produce results—behaviors that most "fad" weight loss books completely ignore! So if you’re ready to finally get it done—this is the "road map" you have been waiting for!

Healthy Eating: 5 Easy Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Diet

Weight Management:
I. Your Foundation for Weight Loss Success

**These 4 topics are all new material ONLY in the 4th Edition**

  1. Manage Your Mindset: Program Yourself for Success
  2. Keep Right-Tracking: How to Never Backslide Again
  3. Stick to Structure: Success Needs a Framework
  4. Problem Solving & Plan Making: Manage Yourself for Success

II. 5 Weight Loss Mastery Skills that Create Weight Loss Results

  1. Physical Activity: Your New Lease on Life
  2. Food & Calories: Calories are Like Dollars
  3. Record Keeping: Your Mission Control Center
  4. Stimulus Control: Managing Your Environment Creates Easy Wins
  5. Support Networks: Who's Got Your Back?

    PLUS: Three Approaches to Losing Weight!
    -Easy Changes
    -Calorie Balancing
    -Flexible Eating Plan